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Share your story and make sure everyone with MS has the support of an MS Nurse

25 years ago there were no MS nurses in the UK. Today we have over 200 making a huge difference for people living all over the country.

But we urgently need more.

The MS Trust is funding new nurses, but we need your help to make sure that everyone with MS has access to one. We need to make everyone understand how life-changing MS nurses can be.

Did they help you find your feet when you were diagnosed? Do they guide you through confusing times? Or are they simply your rock when you need them most?

Celebrate the difference your nurse has made to you, and help us fill our map with inspiring stories. It's time to let people know how vital MS nurses are.

Together, we can make sure no one ever has to take on MS alone.

Make some noise for your MS nurse. 

"MS nurses have been a lifeline for me"


I was diagnosed with MS four years ago and my MS nurse was brilliant at helping me to adjust.

They don’t just give you advice on drugs and things like that, it’s all the other things you can do to help yourself.

Pauline is almost like a mum to me; I can speak to her openly and honestly which is something I find difficult to do with a lot of people.

Laying yourself bare and really getting down to the nitty gritty can be quite difficult sometimes, but you have that trust with your MS nurse.

More of my story

"There's somebody there who cares."

In this video, Tracey tells us about the biggest difference having an MS nurse has made to her life.

Read her story.